Barnstormer Circulation Fan

20" Barnstormer

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20" Barnstormer Fan

The Hinged Front feature of the Barnstormer fan simplifies access by easily unhooking and pulling open, allowing for convenient maintenance. This design not only enhances airflow but also creates a wider air pattern, ensuring complete distribution of air in all directions, including under, over, and in-between the animals. The Barnstormer stands out as the only fan in the market with this Exclusive Open Front Feature, reducing cleaning and maintenance time by an impressive 75%. Removing hay, straw, chicken feathers, or dust buildup takes just a minute, without the need for tools or causing downtime. The fan quickly returns to its full energy-efficient, high-output operation.

Key Benefits of the Barnstormer Fan:

  • Provides a constant temperature, maintaining a comfortable environment for the animals.
  • Controls flies, helping to keep the area free from pests.
  • Eliminates condensation, preventing moisture-related issues.
  • Stabilizes production, ensuring consistent performance and productivity.
  • Reduces heat stress by promoting airflow and cooling.
  • Controls odors caused by ammonia gases, creating a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere.
  • Ensures even air distribution throughout the building, eliminating hot or cold spots.
  • Optional 6-way mounting bracket available for flexible installation.

The 20" Barnstormer is specifically designed for medium-sized agricultural buildings with low ceilings, making it the perfect choice for optimal ventilation in such environments.

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