Barnstormer Circulation Fan

20" Barnstormer

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20" Barnstormer Fan

Hinged front simply unhooks and pulls open for easy access. This design allows for greater air flow and a much wider air pattern. Complete distribution of air in every direction, going under, over and in-between the animals. The Barnstormer is the only fan on the market with an Exclusive Open Front Feature. Its unique design helps cut its cleaning and maintenance by 75%. Hay, straw, chicken feathers or dust build up removed in just a minute. No tools, no down time. Back to full energy efficient, high output operation.

  • Provides constant temperature.
  • Controls flies.
  • Eliminates condensation.
  • Stabilizes production.
  • Reduces heat stress.
  • Controls odors caused from ammonia gases.
  • No hot or cold spots throughout the building.
  • Optional 6-way mounting bracket available

20" Barnstormer is perfect for all medium size agricultural buildings with low ceilings

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