#3 Double Loop Chain - 200' Box
#3 Double Loop Chain - 200' Box

#3 Double Loop Chain - 200' Box

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#3 Galvanized Double Loop Chain
200' Box

A general utility chain for multiple applications such as porch swings, children's swings, animal chains and light fixtures.

Finish Material: Bright Galvanized

Trade Size: #3

Wire Gauge: 14

Wire Diameter: .080”

Length/100 Links: 110”

Weight / 100 Feet: 6.0 lbs

Working Load Limit: 90 lbs

Break Test Load: 360 lbs

Note: Weights are approximate and for steel chain only. Length per 100 links is subject to plus or minus tolerance of 4%.

Steel chain is made from low carbon steel and is not heat treated. DO NOT USE FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING

WORKING LOAD LIMIT designates the maximum stress in pounds which should ever be applied to chain. This refers also to chain in the best condition, when new, and when the load is applied uniformly to a straight, untwisted length of chain. WARNING: WORK LOAD LIMIT MUST NOT BE EXCEEDED.

BREAK TEST LOAD is the minimum load in pounds at which new chain has been found by experience to break, under tests in which the load is applied in direct tension to a straight length of chain with a uniform rate of speed on a standard chain testing machine.

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