3/8' Nursery Stingy Water Nipple

3/8" Nursery Stingy Water Nipple

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3/8" Nursery Stingy

Years of research in animal health and drinking habits have preceded the development of STINGY Hog Watering Equipment. Various valve sizes and configurations are available for a wide range of applications and animal requirements. STINGY is the original inventor of nipple watering as it is known in the industry today.

The original patented hog watering nipples. Waters gently...flow-rates matched to animal's needs and swallowing capacities. Works on either gravity or pressure systems (3-50 psi). Stainless stell spring assures positive shut-off over wide range of operating pressures. Hex-nut fitting permits easy installation. Manufactured from brass and stainless steel and available in three basic sizes:

Nursery 3/8" or 1/2" thread - for baby pigs through nursery
Standard 1/2" thread- for growing and finishing
Heavy-Duty 1/2" or 3/4" thread- for sows and other breeding stock

Water Flow - U.S. Gallon Per Minute

15 PSI = .05 GPM
30 PSI = .08 GPM
45 PSI = .12 GPM
60 PSI = .13 GPM

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