In the United States, there are over 2 million family farms

Millions of people live in rural areas, removed in some cases by miles from the next house or town. When living in the rural reaches of America, the advantages of LED lighting become even more pronounced than in cities and towns. 

LED lighting stands for Light Emitting Diode, and this new lighting technology has all but replaced incandescent lighting. There are several unique benefits to using LED technology. Some of these benefits become even more pronounced when you associate LED lighting with farms or rural dwellings and buildings.

Advantages of LED Lighting 

You can enjoy the advantages of LED lighting anywhere on your property. They are fantastic for lighting houses, barns, utility sheds, or any other building or space of land you may have. Let’s take a look at what makes LED lights so popular and why they have so many advantages. 

1. LED Lights Are Very Bright

LED lighting requires less power for more brightness. This means that an LED light that uses 50 watts of energy will provide as much lighting as a 250 watts bulb. One of the reasons for this is that LED light is emitted from a diode and is much more directional, not being sent out in 360 degrees. 

This light is of a high quality as well, very clear and colored as you want. You can even use bulbs that are of colors that won’t get you up at night, like a red light. This way, you can illuminate your property and do so in a way that doesn’t disturb your sleep or force you to block windows. 

2. LED Lights Are Cheaper to Operate

If you intend to have a light on throughout the night, it will use energy. One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is that they use very little energy. Compared to other forms of lighting, whether incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen, you will spend much less to keep your LED lights on. 

With hours of use every night, the cost of lighting your property will add up. LED lighting allows you to keep the lights on without breaking the bank. If you have to use a generator, the lighting will also stay active for longer and can even be set to photosensitive cells in order to come on when it gets dark. 

3. LED Lighting Is Adaptable

One key benefit for use in a rural setting is that LED lighting is very versatile. It works for any purpose you need and can be used both for functional lighting and decoration. Highlighting areas and leaving others dark is very easy with LED lighting because of how directional the light is. 

4. Do More With Less

LEDs produce very bright light. If you harness the brightness of an LED system, you need far fewer lights to maintain complete coverage. Whether you want just a portion, or all of your yard covered, LED lights are able to get the job done. 

With old systems, you would have to put lights all over buildings in order to get full coverage of lighting. With LED lights, you place your lights in such a way that only a couple can completely illuminate a building or house. This means you will spend less setting up your lighting system. 

5. LED lights Last A Long Time 

LEDs last for over twenty thousand hours. Some have lifespans that can even reach double that or more. Compared to older technology, they last a tremendous length of time in comparison. This has several key advantages, the first of which is that you will spend way less replacing bulbs. 

The second key advantage of this is that once you set up your LED system, it is going to be years before you have to worry about it. It will operate whenever you need without any worry that a light won’t come on. 

6. Easy to Program 

Whether you choose to use a sensor or want your lights to come on a certain time is up to you. LED lights, as a modern technology, are easy to integrate into a smart system where you can control everything from your phone or a control pad. 

Having this direct control over when and how your lights come on can be very useful. You can even have a system that tells you which LED light is turned on. This could help you put an end to predation on your property as well as alert you to any intruders. 

7. LEDs Are Much Cooler 

Regular lighting will generate heat. As the bulb stays on, that heat will continue to grow and can cause damage to fixtures and shields. In the very worst-case scenario, lighting can even lead to fires. LEDs stay cool no matter how long they are on for and can be handled at any time. 

This means that LED lighting is an easy choice when it comes to any light which must be handled. You won’t get burned touching an LED with your bare hand, and there is no more chance that an LED will start a fire than your house electrical grid will do so. 

LED Lighting for Your Property 

LED lighting has taken over the market, and because it is superior in almost every way to previous technology, that trend is going to continue. Advances in LED technology mean that the advantages of LED lighting continue to grow and expand as time passes. 

Protect your property, animals, and house with an LED lighting system. Having a well-lit property will encourage predators and people to stay away. If you need anything for your property or farm, contact us. You can also request a catalog or browse our inventory and find what you need.

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