75 Watt Frosted Rough Service Light Bulb
75 Watt Rough Service Light Bulbs

75 Watt Frosted Rough Service Light Bulb

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75 Watt Frosted Rough Service Light Bulb
130 Volt

Rough service light bulbs are just normal incandescent bulbs made with sturdier filaments designed withstand vibration and other stresses. The heavier filament means the optimal voltage for these bulbs is 130 Volts, 10 Volts higher than the power supplied to the average American household. The combination of the higher voltage limit and the extra-strength filament means the light bulb is better equipped to handle the slightly elevated voltage.

Rough service lamps are ideal for use in any area where bumps, shocks, or vibrations are a primary concern. Some examples would be garage door openers, lamps near machinery, lamps near doors that slam regularly, or those used anywhere else where early failure is an issue due to a harsh usage.

Average Life: 5000
Base: Medium
Designation: A19
Diameter: 2.37
Length: 4.25
Lumens: 700 @ 130 Volt
Style: A19
Voltage Rating: 130
Wattage: 75

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