#8 x 1 1/2
STX SS Silver Star Screw | 5 lb Jar

#8 x 1 1/2" SS STX Silver Star Screw 5 lb Jar

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#8 x 1 1/2" SS STX Flat Head Silver Star Screw
5 Pound Jar (Approx. 985)

Silver Star Stainless Steel Screws are made for applications requiring maximum resistance to corrosion and staining or in cedar, redwood or salt spray conditions.  Passivated 305 stainless steel forms its own protective oxidized exterior layer.  Type 17 Notched Extra Sharp Point and a Flat Head.  Pre-waxed and lubricated for easy installation. 

  • ACQ Compatible Screw
  • Works with both Hard & Soft Woods
  • Uses T20 Torx Bit
  • Self-Countersinking Nibs & Drag Reducing Knurled Shoulder for a Cleaner & Easier Installation
  • Deep Torx/Star Drive Screws Reduce "Cam-out"
  • Deep, Wide, Sharp Screw Threads Provide Maximum Holding Power

Screw Engineering Specs:
Average Shear Strength of #9 Shank ---- 1283 lbs
Average Pull-Out Strength ---------------- 622 lbs
(Screw Pull Out is Calculated with a 3" Length Screw in the wood species: Yellow Pine Wood)

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