Assault Refillable Mouse Bait Station
Assault Bait Station

Assault Refillable Mouse Bait Station

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Assualt Bait Station
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Assault® All Weather Bait Refillable Mouse Bait Station
For use in and around homes and residential buildings 

House mice usually consume a lethal dose in a single feeding, but it may take two or more days for them to die.  Due to Stop Feed Action, house mice cease feeding after consuming a toxic dose.  This product is effective against anti-coagulant resistant house mice.
  • Effective indoor & outdoor house mouse control
  • Kills house mice
  • Effective against anticoagulant-resistant mice
  • Moisture Resistant

Active Ingredient
Bromethalin (CAS No: 63333-35-7)...........0.01%

Net Contents:
1 Bait Station pre-baited with 2 x 0.5 oz baits
30 x 0.5 oz replacement baits

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