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Cordova Safety Products

In 1994, Cordova Safety Products started as a small glove importing company in Memphis, Tennessee. After 18 years of persistent growth and expansion in the business of keeping workers safe, Cordova Safety Products has evolved into a full-line supplier of Personal Protective Equipment. Our company's wide range of Hand Protection is now complemented by an ever-expanding variety of Safety Eyewear, Rainwear, Disposable Clothing, Safety Vests, Hi-Vis Apparel, Respirators, Earplugs, Helmets, Back Support Belts, Barricade Tape and Safety Fencing, all manufactured with our customers in mind. At Cordova Safety Products, we pride ourselves on our consistent pursuit of one objective: customer satisfaction. If you are a current Cordova customer, we sincerely thank you for your business and promise to work hard to maintain our relationship with you. If you are not yet a customer, we hope our website will show you why so many Personal Protective Equipment Distributors consider us a trusted source for safety products that work.
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Cordova Ion Chill Gloves
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