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Pest Control

Keepings rodents & pests away from your farm is important for the wellbeing of you and your livestock. Moles and gophers can dig burrows that could break your livestock’s legs, rats can spread disease, and biting insects are a nuisance that no one wants to deal with—not even your animals. We carry a selection of pest control products to help you make certain that all of these nuisances are no longer your problem. We have pest control traps and bait for sale to handle every kind of pest, including moles, gophers, rats, mice, and flies. If you have a pest or rodent problem at your farm, warehouse, commercial building, or on your ranch, we’re certain that we have just the pest control product to help you with it. 

Feel free to browse our selection of pest control traps for sale to find the solution to your pest problem. If we don’t what you’re looking for, please give us a call at 800-642-1222—we’ll do what we can to help.
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Prozap Mole & Gopher Pelleted Bait
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