AccuMax Dispenser
Hydro Systems AccuMax #HYD35331

AccuMax Dispenser

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AccuMax™ Dispenser

The AccuMax™ is the first in Hydro Systems’ new product line of chemical dispensers. Its a culmination of 30+ years of industry expertise and all the best features Hydro Systems has to offer. The AccuMax is versatile and durable, featuring patented AccuPro Technology for dilution control. Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology eliminate dilution variance by controlling the water pressure into the unit, never allowing the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target. High water pressure results in improperly diluted chemicals, poor cleaning performance, and lost chemical sales. AccuPro Technology delivers accurate dilution regardless of fluctuations in water pressure.

  • 1-5 GPM flow rate options
  • New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
  • Easy, tool-free maintenance
  • Same mounting brackets as Hydro Systems’ AccuPro and AccuDose

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