Adjustable Exhaust Fan Air Chute
Adjustable Air Chute Fully Extended

Adjustable Exhaust Fan Air Chute

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Introducing Adjustable Air Chutes: The Ultimate Solution for Your Exhaust Fan Needs

Are you tired of managing multiple chutes for various cone diameters? Say goodbye to the hassle of inventorying multiple SKUs. These innovative new design lets you use just one size to cover multiple cone diameters. That means you can reduce your inventory by 2/3 and streamline your operations.

But that's not all. Adjustable Air Chutes provide you with a range of benefits that will revolutionize the way you handle your barn fans:

Sealing up your barn fans has never been easier or more cost-effective. Air Chutes offer quick installation, ensuring that your barn fans are securely sealed in no time. Plus, their compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use, making them perfect for seasonal applications.

Our Adjustable Air Chutes are constructed with durable black ripstop material, which not only ensures longevity but also helps reduce unwanted light where necessary. Say goodbye to those harsh glares and enjoy a more comfortable environment.

But the advantages don't stop there. Air Chutes are designed to reduce heater run times near fans, leading to cost savings and increased energy efficiency. They also contribute to a healthier barn environment by helping reduce moisture in litter through more uniform heating.

Now, when winter approaches and your fans are not in use, you don't need to worry about cold air infiltrating your barn. Simply add these Adjustable Air Chutes to your exhaust fans, and you'll benefit in multiple ways:

  • Increase CFM: Boost your fan's performance and airflow with Air Chutes.
  • Block Cold Air: Keep your barn warm and comfortable by preventing cold drafts from entering during the winter months.

These Adjustable Air Chutes not only allow you to use your fans when you need them but also ensure that static pressure levels remain correct by sealing off fans that aren't in use. With sizes available for fan diameters of up to 74", we have a solution for every barn.

Make the smart choice for your barn's ventilation needs. Upgrade to the Adjustable Air Chutes and experience efficiency, convenience, and cost savings like never before. Order yours today and enjoy a more comfortable, productive barn environment.

You must measure the largest diameter on your fan

There are drawstrings with thumb nuts at both ends, but one end has a vinyl reinforcement sewn into it, which goes around the cone. After proper installation, start the fan and adjust the drawstring in the discharge end until it stands straight out and doesn't flap around.

Please note: Please call to order if out of stock.

Please check here to see if we still have the original style available as we start to switch over to the Adjustable Air Chute

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