AP Performer Fan with Cone #APP-14FC

14" Performer Series Fan with Cone

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AP Performer Series Fans

14" Direct Drive Fiberglass Exhaust Fan with Cone

When it comes to designing a reliable ventilation system, performance, efficiency, and longevity all need to be maintained. You will find the Performer Series ventilation fans have exceeded these goals with tremendous air output, extremely low power consumption and a heavy-duty construction.

Heavy-Duty Motors:
The heart of the Performer Series is the specially engineered high efficiency fan motor. Unlike most of our competition that uses smaller 48 frame motors, AP uses the much larger 56 frame motor. These motors provide exceptional performance and cooler motor temperatures on variable speed applications. Warranted for three full years, AP's performer series motors will keep your fans running smoothly.

Motor Casing:
The removable plastic cap at the rear of the motor houses the internal capacitor which has been placed there to provide better aerodynamics and prevent moisture from entering through the top. The 5/8" internal shaft offers the ability to use large bearings. These double sealed ball bearings are of the highest quality and will give many years of trouble free service.

Easy Access:
By removing the plastic motor cap the whole rear of the motor is exposed allowing very easy access to the wiring terminals as opposed to the cramped area of most motor.

Water Slinger:
Even a double sealed bearing can have water driven into it when a fan is running. The slinger on the motor shaft "tosses" the moisture away into the airstream so it never gets near the bearing.

Motor Mounts: Heavy 3/16" all aluminum motor mounts provide a ridged mount to help eliminate vibration and will never rust. These mounts tend to be much sturdier than the commonly used thinner stainless steel mount.

Fiberglass Props:
AP fan props are carefully balanced to provide smooth and efficient operation. Constructed of a strong and durable fiberglass blend, these props will outlast most other blades of plastic, steel, or cast aluminum.

Fan Guards:
AP's fan guard is made of heavy steel with a baked on powder coat finish.

Shutter Retainers:
Shutter retainers are standard on all 36" and 50" Performer Series fans. These retainers prevent damage to the shutter caused by high winds.

Discharge Cones:
The optional discharge cone for the Performer series fans is designed to increase airflow and efficiency by approximately 15%.


Fan Diameter: 14"
Motor HP: 1/4
Motor RPM: 1625
Drive: Direct
CFM*: 2,710
Rough Opening: 19 5/8" H x 19 3/8" W

* Fan performances at .05 static pressure. Performances may vary.

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