RotorMax Midi Sprinkler
RotorMax Midi Sprinkler

RotorMax Midi Sprinkler

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RotorMax Midi Inverted Sprinker

Robust and reliable "spinner" sprinkler. Excellent Sprinkler Distribution pattern and performance.
  • Dual outlet spinner enhances performance.
  • Inverted model has a 0° flat trajectory, khaki colored spinner.
  • Suitable for recycled water applications subject to adequate filtration.
  • Easily taken apart for servicing.
  • UV stabilized materials for long life.


Inverted Rotor Max™ is ideal for over-head watering in glasshouse, nursery and shade house applications. The 0° trajectory sprinkler is also suited to standard upright operation, excellent for under foliage or wind affected locations.  Useful in spray down applications as a soaker sprinkler before cleaning.

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