AntMax Bait Stations
Enforcer AntMax Bait Stations

AntMax Bait Stations

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Enforcer® AntMax Bait Stations

The EAMBS4 AntMax Bait Stations effectively and efficiently eliminate
Argentine, Pharaoh, Cornfield, and other large and small household ants 24 hours a day where they breed and kills the entire colony.  Ants begin eating the bait immediately. Each box contains 4 child-resistant bait stations.

  • Active ingredient: Abamectin
  • Clear-view design for easy visual inspection
  • Kills ants where they hide
  • Kills the colony

For use in and around apartments and homes including, but not limited to: bathrooms, kitchens, counters, corners, under and around cabinets, sinks, and near plumbing fixtures.

AntMax Bait Staions SDS

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