Barnstorm Descaling Detergent
Barnstorm Descaling Detergent

Barnstorm Descaling Detergent

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Descaling Detergent and Degreaser

For Cleaning and Descaling of Confinement Buildings, Equipment, and Vehicles

  • Removes both organic and inorganic soils from surfaces prior to disinfecting
  • Non-corrosive to building materials, non-irritating to personnel and animals, and will not peel paint or rust truck bodies
  • Use in all areas of the pork production facility for effective disease prevention and biosecurity

Recommended Application:
1. Turn on sprinklers for 60 minutes to wet the room.
2. Apply Barnstorm to all surfaces at a ratio of 1:64 through a low-pressure sprayer
3. Allow Barnstorm to remain on surface for 15-20 minutes
4. Pressure wash with plain water

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