AP's BFT Bin Lid Assembly w/o Peak Ring (22.5
AP BFT Bin Lid Assembly #BLK-13216

AP's BFT Bin Lid Assembly w/o Peak Ring (22.5")

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BFT Bin Lid Assembly
w/o Peak Ring for Retrofit of 22.5" Ring

AP’s Bin Lid is a rugged design, durable LLDPE construction and factory assembled for easy installation. AP’s feed tank lid swings open to a full 180°, lying flat and parallel to the ground, but positioned below the peak ring when fully opened, on 7’ diameter bins and larger. The lid can be conveniently opened and closed from the ground.

  • Simplified clamp-band installation of lid assembly peak ring.
  • Reinforced rubber bumper provides additional protection to the peak ring.
  • Internal magnet adds additional force to keep the lid closed.
  • Clamp-band design allows installation in 360° orientation.
  • Retro-fit packages available for 20" (AP) and 22-1/2" (Chore-Time) O.D. peak rings.
  • Durable, linear low-density polyethylene construction.

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