FortiCool A (Formerly Bio Stop - Algae Guard)
FortiCool A (Formerly Bio-Stop or Algae Guard)

FortiCool A (Formerly Bio Stop - Algae Guard)

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FortiCool A

Bio Stop (Algae Guard)

Evaporative cooler cells are a breeding ground for a broad range of microbes. FortiCool A provides 24 hour time-release antimicrobial protection. Bio-Stop is a high performance, EPA Registered "dual-quat" antimicrobial to protect against algae, mold, and mildew. Its special wetting agents and detergent action keep water clear and pans sparkling. With FortiCool A, you get more than 10 times the value of dissolving tablets.

32% active ingredients. Effective against algae, mildew, slime, fungus, and bacteria in condensate collection pans and air conditioning units. Controlled release micro-biocide efficiently acts on odors. For use in medical facilities, nursing homes, government, commercial buildings, residential air conditioning units, cruise ships, airports, hotels, resorts, schools and industrial areas.

Easy to use. Drop FortiCool A into water basin or pan and make sure water is flowing over the pads. With new pad installation replace FortiCool A strip at the beginning of cooling season and again in 3 months. If cleaning pads that are currently in place replace strip every 30 days, until pads are clean and then follow new pad installation or as needed.

1 strip will work in 25-60' linear feet. 

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