C2200 Ceiling Air Inlet
C2200 Ceiling Air Inlet

C2200 Ceiling Air Inlet

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C2200 4-Way Gravity Ceiling Air Inlet

All season, 4 directional inlet improves room temperature and air distribution by allowing 20% more CFM compared to the old C2000 inlets.  The extra CFM allows for fewer inlets per room.  All 4 inlets operate off negative pressure in your rooms supplied by exhaust fans and can each be locked off if needed. 

22.5" x 22.5" rough opening
approx. 2,089 cfm @ .125 static pressure

  • Counterbalance louvers adjust automatically to static pressure
  • Made of ABS plastic for improved strength and durability
  • Vacuum formed housing for strength, durability, and ease of washing
  • Each inlet can be shut off for better air control
  • Withstands pressure washing without losing louver blades
  • Simple snap together assembly / no tools required

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