Chore-Time® Brock Hopper Valve Assembly

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Introducing the Chore-Time® Brock Hopper Valve Kit – Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Feed Access!

Tired of the hassle of filling buckets from your hopper bottom bin? Look no further! The Chore-Time® Brock Hopper Valve Kit is designed to revolutionize the way you handle grain or feed. With this kit, you can effortlessly fill a bucket directly from the side of your hopper bottom bin, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

What sets this kit apart is its user-friendly template, guiding you on precisely what size hole to cut in the side of your funnel. No guesswork, no complications – just a smooth, efficient process. Plus, all the necessary nuts and bolts are included, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Make bucket filling a breeze with Chore-Time® – Part #3-29655. This gate valve effortlessly mounts to feed bin hopper cones, granting you convenient access to bin contents without the need to run the auger. Perfect for filling buckets or carts, the Chore-Time® Hopper Valve Kit is equipped with handy hooks at the end of the slide, allowing you to hang your bucket securely.

Designed for use with 9’ diameter, 3-ring tanks or smaller, and accommodating a maximum of 15 tons of feed, the Hopper Valve Chute is a game-changer. Mount it no higher than two feet above the hopper collar for optimal performance.

Remember, for a seamless assembly of the Hopper Valve Chute, ensure that your feed tank is completely empty, free of bridges. Trust Chore-Time® for efficiency, reliability, and a stress-free feeding experience. Order your Chore-Time® Brock Hopper Valve Kit today and transform the way you handle feed!

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