Choretime Mdl 55 Adjustable Drop Feeder #30361-1
Chore-Time Adjustable Drop Feeder #30361-1

Choretime Mdl 55 Adjustable Drop Feeder #30361-1

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Adjustable Drop Feeder

Portion Control Drop Feeder For Farrowing and Gestation

Chore-Time's Gestation and Farrowing Feeder eliminates overfeeding of sows, feed waste and stale feed. Sows can be individually and accurately fed a predetermined amount of feed multiple times per day while still automating the transport of feed to each pen. Using the Chore-Time feeder to feed smaller portions of feed more frequently also helps to enhance milk production. The feeder can be used with either Chore-Time's MULTIFLO, FLAG or FLEX-AUGER Feed Delivery Systems.

Features and Advantages
  • Easy-to-read feed level adjustment allows feeding individual amounts from 3/4 to 10 pounds (0.3 to 4.5 kg).
  • Enable multiple feedings per sow per day by automating drop feeders with one of Chore-Time's proven winching systems.
  • Translucent feeder provides quick visual check of its contents.
  • Eliminates the feed waste and labor of hand- or self-feeding systems and feed carts.
  • Patented, self-closing teardrop-shaped ball valve aids smooth feed flow and gives positive shut-off to help to prevent feed leakage.
  • System can be set up to activate all feeders at the same time by using optional manual lever or automatic time clock and winching system.
  • Feeders are durable, corrosion-free, one-piece units molded from plastic with ultraviolet inhibitors for longer life.
  • System is totally enclosed to help keep feed fresh and protect it from contamination.
  • Chore-Time's durable feed distribution systems (FLEX-AUGER, FLAG, or MULTIFLO) provide the latest innovative adaptations of the company?s popular coreless auger conveying systems to serve buildings of nearly any length and arrangement of animals.
  • Works with any of Chore-Time's Stainless Steel Farrowing Crate Feeders.

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