Curt-O-Matic II - 120 Volt
Curt-O-Matic II - 120 Volt

Curt-O-Matic II - 120 Volt

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The Curt-O-Matic automatically drops the side curtains of your confinement house if the power should fail or-with optional thermostat-in the event of high temperature extremes; thus preventing thousands of dollars in potential loss.
This provides a huge return for a very small investment. The fist product ever manufactured by Hired-Hand in 1978, the Curt-O-Matic is the industry's best way to insure your investments.

Features & Benefits
  • 5 minute time delay
  • simple 3-wire hookup
  • available in 120, 208 or 240 volt models
  • 5 year warranty
  • curtain chain kit
  • easy installation
  • Curt-O-Matic III can be hooked up to your alarm system's electronic audible, to signal alarm if arm on system should drop (contact us for pricing)

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