DeWalt 22 oz Demolition Hammer
DeWalt DWHT51366 22 oz Demo Hammer

DeWalt 22 oz Demolition Hammer

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DeWalt 22 oz Demolition Hammer

The DEWALT® Demo Hammer is a multi-functional tool designed to overcome even the toughest demolition job. With an oversized strike face for breaking through drywall and an elongated claw curve for easy prying of nails, standard hammer features have been optimized for demolition applications. A unique 2x4 gripper has been added, making prying floor boards and framing easy. The DEWALT® Demo Hammer is the all-in-one tool designed for the particular needs of remodeling and residential/commercial demolition.


  • Large Strike Face for an optimal nail driving surface as well as demolition functionality
  • Enlarged Claw Curve to allow for easier nail pulling compared to a traditional hammer
  • Long Handle Design for a demolition functionality
  • Extended Claw to allow for a board grabbing utility
  • Smooth Face / Rip Claw
  • 16" length
  • 2.28 lbs overall weight

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