Dirt Killer IDK Series Nozzle
Dirt Killer IDK Series Nozzle

Dirt Killer IDK Series Nozzle

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Dirt Killer Power Wash Nozzles
IDK Series

Blast dirt, grime, slime, mold, mildew, etc. off instantly using the Dirt Killer nozzle. Save chemical, water, time and money. The Dirt Killer nozzle generates a whirlwind of water droplets so powerful that the imbedded dirt is blown away. Dirt Killer nozzles, which feature a rotating turbine, delivers the punch of a 0° nozzle with a 25° fan - creating 10 times the cleaning impact of a standard flat tip nozzle - effectively cutting cleaning time in half.

IDK Series Features:

Spins Slower
Produces greater impact
Used for water blasting and heavy duty cleaning
4700 PSI Max / 3000 PSI Min
180° F
1/4" FPT

Please use chart above to properly size.  If the size the chart shows to use is not available use the next size up.  ie: chart shows to use 5.0, select a 5.5

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