Duflex Litter Max 2 Ear Tags
Duflex Litter Max 2 Ear Tags

Duflex Litter Max 2 Ear Tags

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Litter Max 2 Ear Tags
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Duflex Litter Max 2 Ear Tags

Destron Fearing’s Litter Max 2 is the industry leader for use in genetic management programs. Designed specifically for piglets from birth to approximately 40 lbs.The square male (non-metal tip) & female design provide maximum retention through the life of the tag.

  • Bright, fade-resistant colors
  • Tamper evident and non-tamper evident designs
  • Molded from custom-formulated flexible polyurethane
  • Available numbered and blank
  • Infecta+Guard treated studs
  • Numerous sizes designed to resist snagging
  • Lifetime Warranty

1.25" x 1.25"

25 Tags / Bag

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