Duflex Medium Hog Ear Tag
Duflex Medium Hog Ear Tags

Duflex Medium Hog Ear Tag

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Duflex Medium Hog Ear Tags

Visual identification tags are the cornerstone of the animal identification industry, and Destron Fearing helped to shape this emerging industry more than 50 years ago. Rugged, lightweight and available in a variety of fade-resistant colors, Destron Fearing tags are designed for superior retention, all weather performance and easy application when used with the Pro-Grip Universal Applicator.  Designed to create small, clean incisions.  Treated with Infecta+Guard, an anti-microbial agent intended to facilitate proper healing by reducing the risk of infection and disease transfer. 
  • Bright, fade-resistant colors
  • Tamper evident and non-tamper evident designs
  • Molded from custom-formulated flexible polyurethane
  • Infecta+Guard treated studs
  • 2" Height x 1.75" Wide

25 Ear Tags / Bag

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