Tork EJWT Percentage Timer
Tork EJWT Percentage Timer

Tork EJWT Percentage Timer

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Tork EJWT Percentage Timer Switch

TORK timers give you a simple way to control automation for your home, office or commercial facility. Precise time control and professional-grade accuracy make this a versatile timer for many applications.

  • Percentage Timer: Versatile timer ideal for applications involving constant repeated cycles such as poultry, livestock, agriculture, greenhouses, oil well pumping and ventilation
  • Easy to Use: Two percentage dials control the cycle time between 15 seconds and 24 hours and the percentage on, with 32 steps between 0% and 100%
  • Designed for Performance: A total of 960 time combinations mean that this percentage timer can handle almost any application, and it meets NEMA-4X standards for water resistance
  • Automate your Operation: Percentage time switches save time, energy and money by providing a convenient way to control appliances on most regular schedules
  • Professional Applications: The EJWT is designed to meet the needs of professionals in the agricultural, industrial, pumping or livestock industries

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