Exhaust Fan Air Chute
Exhaust Fan Air Chute

Exhaust Fan Air Chute

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Exhaust Fan Air Chute

Add Air Chutes to your exhaust fans to increase CFM as well as block cold air from entering during the winter when the fan is not in use.
  • Allows you to use fans in times of need without having to go take a cover off of them
  • Helps keep static pressure levels correct by sealing off fans that aren't in use
  • Available in sizes up to fan diameters of 68"
You must measure the largest diameter on your fan

There are drawstrings with thumb nuts at both ends, but one end has a vinyl reinforcement sewn into it, which goes around the cone. After proper installation, start the fan and adjust the drawstring in the discharge end until it stands straight out and doesn't flap around.

Please note: Please call to order if out of stock.  Lead times are quite long right now

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