Fas-N-Tite Fence Post Screws (175 Pieces)
Fas-N-Tite 175 Piece Fence Post Screw #12 x 1 1/2"

Fas-N-Tite Fence Post Screws (175 Pieces)

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Fas-N-Tite Exterior-Coated Fence Post Screws
#12 x 1 1/2"

Fas-n-Tite fence post screws are the ideal solution for any fencing project that requires a fast and efficient installation. Compatible with any barbed wire or panel fencing smaller than 6-gauge, these screws are engineered to work with any variety of wood, including treated lumber.

With their unique fastening design, these screws are ten times faster and three times stronger than traditional fencing staples when it comes to pullout resistance. The screws' exterior coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, offering three times the protection of galvanized fence staples.

Each retail package comes with 175 pieces, along with a 1/4" hex drive bit for easy installation. With these screws, you can say goodbye to the hammer and easily penetrate and remove them in any wood type.

In summary, Fas-n-Tite exterior-coated fence post screws are the perfect choice for any fencing project that requires fast and reliable installation, offering superior strength and durability with excellent corrosion resistance, making them an excellent investment for any fencing project.

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