DeWalt Flip-Bin Organizer
DeWalt Flip-Bin Organizer

DeWalt Flip-Bin Organizer

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DeWalt Flip-Bin Organizer

This unique organizer has 12 removable bins that can either be individually opened from within the organizer unit or be taken out for full accessibility on the jobsite. A lock on top securely holds all of the bins in place, and allows items to be safely transported. This organizer can be stacked with other organizers from the PRO line or with another similar unit for optimal access to all your small parts and accessories.

  • Bins made with clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate windows for full accessibility and visibility
  • 12 removable bins for small parts
  • Side latches allow connecting the unit to other PRO line organizers
  • Additional latch to stack back-to-back with another Flip-Bin Organizer
  • Locking mechanism on top ensures bins are securely closed
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Can be mounted on a wall for space-saving and convenience

Height: 13 7/8"
Length: 17 3/4"
Width: 3 7/8"
Load Capacity: 15 lbs

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