Gibbs Lubricant - 1 Can
Gibbs Lubricant - 1 Can

Gibbs Lubricant - 1 Can

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Gibbs Brand Lubricant
12 oz Can

Gibbs is a revolutionary, patented product that works in all temperatures to clean and eliminate corrosion, to waterproof, and to lubricate mechanical hardware. It's even safe to use on various materials including metal, plastic, rubber, and wood! Highly acclaimed in the weapons industry, Gibbs has a well-proven track record with the FBI and both the Chicago and Detroit police departments. Gibbs improves all firearm action, especially on automatics, and preserves pieces whether in or out of use. The Ultimate cleaning agent, Gibbs is a supreme penetrating, lubricating, and universal surface conditioning fluid that not only prevents rust, but actually reverses oxidation. Gibbs leaves a thin viscosity lubricant that eliminates jelling and residue buildup, resulting in free-moving mechanical parts. Gibbs is the Ultimate patented supreme penetrating, lubricating, rust remover & universal surface conditioning fluid. IT doesn't Eat Rust, IT REVERSES the effects of oxidation! GIBBS is NOT just some kerosene put into a can with masking perfumes like most of the other run of the mill low cost sprays that have been out there for so long. It's an insult to GIBBS to even compare it with anything else. GIBBS is a product whose time has come. GIBBS was originally invented by a Harley Rebuilder. GIBBS is a penetrating oil as you currently know it to be and use it!!! It's in a class of it's own, a separate breed!

  • Electrical connections restored and De-corroded ON Contact!!!
  • Battery Terminals - 2 Years per application
  • Paint over RUST & METAL
  • Cutting & Drilling - Boring & Machining
  • Hoses & Clamps
  • Waterproof Ignitions & ALL Electrical Wiring


Range and law enforcement officers, as well as military personnel, around the country use long-lasting GIBBS to guarantee a clean dependable weapon. GIBBS promotes smooth, reliable, jam-free operation so malfunctions due to dirty mechanisms are a thing of the past.  Penetrates and lubes to eliminate jamming and keeps parts friction-free leaving a microscopic protective film behind. It remains on the metal even after repeated firing, environmental conditions and long-term storage.  Removes and prevents the build-up and adhesion of all types of stubborn fouling, including plastic searing in shotguns.  Has a viscosity that is so thin it will not attract dirt, sand or dust, or jell in cold weather.  Reduces bore wear and keeps mechanisms clean and corrosion free without harming the primer. It can also be used on trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides, magazines, clips, and barrels of pistols.  Treats and preserves wood stock and barrel bluing. It provides excellent rust protection and reduces corrosion, carbon and lead build-up. It won't damage leather, rubber, wood, glass-filled polymers, or plastics.  Waterproofs weapons and will not wash off in fresh or salt water making it the ideal lubricant around marine environments.  Is not oily or slippery when properly used so your grip will always be secure.  Makes weapons cleaning easier after treatment since conditioning results in friction reduction to the constantly-lubricated moving metal parts. Cleaning time can be reduced by 50% with regular use.  Prevents corrosion on all types of metal-handcuffs, knives, skeet launches, and reloading mechanisms.  Provides excellent rust protection and reduces corrosion on rechargeable light sticks and night vision and surveillance power packs.

GIBBS BRAND LUBRICANT is preferred by law enforcement professionals, military personnel, sporting enthusiasts, and rifle and machinery museums.

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