Pattern Master Sprinkler
Gilmour Pattern Master Sprinkler 196SPB

Pattern Master Sprinkler

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Gilmour Pattern Master® Sprinkler

Create your own spray pattern to fit any irregularly shaped area of lawn. Customize your sprinkler’s spray and never over-water again. Flexible ring customizes spray distance at 12 different points for the ultimate in precise watering.
  • Up to 5,800 sq. ft. coverage
  • 86-ft. diameter circular spray (43-ft. spray distance)
  • Adjustable collar for partial- to full-circle coverage
  • Easily change the distance of your spray by pulling up the pegs to shorten spray reach or pulling down the pegs to lengthen 12 points of spray distance
  • Impact-resistant, rust-proof polymer construction with no-tip sled base for added stability
  • Lifetime warranty

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