Gorilla Tape | Blaze Orange
High Visibiltiy Orange Gorilla Duct Tape

Gorilla Tape | Blaze Orange

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Gorilla Tape
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Gorilla Tape - High Visibility Orange
Tough, Rugged, Rip It, Stick It, Done High Visibility Duct Tape

High Visibility Gorilla Tape® offers the strength of Gorilla Tape®, in a fluorescent orange color. Perfect for marking items that need attention, High Visibility Gorilla Tape® has a strong reinforced backing and a double thick adhesive allowing it to stick to rough and uneven surfaces. Its rugged, weather-resistant shell helps with moisture, UV rays and temperature changes making it great for projects both indoors and out!
Gorilla Tape, for the Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth®.


  • Double thick adhesive: Grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Tough reinforced backing: The tight weave contributes to the strength, but High Visibility Gorilla Tape® can still be torn by hand.
  • Rugged, weather resistant shell with UV protection: Withstands moisture and helps create a barrier against harsh elements.
  • High visibility blaze orange: For marking, hunting, demolitions and more!
1.88" x 35 yds

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