Gorilla Tape - Camo
Camo Gorilla Tape

Gorilla Tape - Camo

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Gorilla Tape
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Gorilla Tape - Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Country™ Camo
Extra Thick - Extra Stick

Not your ordinary duct tape, Gorilla Tape takes it to a whole new level. Ideal for applications in the field including duck blinds, tree stands, tent repairs and so much more. All of the same attributes that make Gorilla Tape a must-have product around the house, make Camo Gorilla Tape a “can’t-live-without” duct tape in the field. No other camo duct tape on the market offers the pattern clarity, depth, and matte surface finish like Camo Gorilla Tape.

Product Features:

  • Matte Finish: Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking applications
  • 9 Yard Roll: More than enough to get the job done, but light enough to carry into the field
  • Rugged Outer Shell: Stands-up to rugged, all-terrain surfaces
  • Outer Shell is Both UV and Water-Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Cloth Backing: Gives the tape strength and durability, yet easily tears by hand.
  • Sticks to Smooth, Rough and Uneven Surfaces: Brick, Stucco, Concrete, Metal, Fabric and More

1.88" x 9 yard roll

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