Havoc Attack Blocks
Havoc Attack Blocks

Havoc Attack Blocks

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Havoc Attack Blocks
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Havoc Attack Blocks

10 lbs Bucket

When rodents strike, make sure you are there to ATTACK.

Havoc Attack is an all-weather rodenticide developed to withstand the challenging conditions of agricultural production environments. It is a single dose rodenticide designed to kill house mice, norway rats and roof rats with it's active ingredient Brodifacoum. Food-grade ingredients provide an excellent base for superior palatability.

Key Features:

  • Highly palatable, second generation anticoagulant specially formulated for use by livestock and poultry producers.
  • Unique blend of emulsifying agents that allow for a better blend of ingredients
  • Single feed bait block containing 0.005% brodifacoum and may kill rodents in just a single feeding.
  • All-weather bait block that shows great heat tolerance
  • Use as part of Neogen's current Rotational Baiting Strategy

Can NOT Ship to California

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