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Hudson Bak-Pak Power Sprayer
Bak-Pak Power Sprayer #18537

Hudson Bak-Pak Power Sprayer

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Hudson® Bak-Pak® Power Sprayer
Gas Operated Sprayer

Portable, high efficiency Bak-Pak® sprayer with 1 hp engine for agricultural and pest control applications. Complete with quick adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded backrest for maximum operator comfort.

Four speed spray range / PSI control knob--minimum of 21 ft (15 Bar = 217.5 PSI) maximum of 29 ft (32 bar=464 PSI); Quick removal of excess chemical and easy cleaning with separate tank drain outlet; Rotatable cone nozzle head provided; Large 5.75" tank opening for easy filling; Filter to keep dirt and debris out of tank reduces clogging; 25 liter capacity water tank made of high density PE material; Quick adjustable padded shoulder straps and backrest for maximum operator comfort during operation.  Tool Kit included with unit for easy assembly.

  • Motor weight is light at 5.7 lbs. 
  • Overall weight is 20 lbs.  Powerful 25.6 CC engine.
  • Fuel Tank has 20 oz. capacity.
  • Lance and shut-off is made of brass material. 

Use the High Efficiency Bak-Pak® Duster Sprayer and Mist Blower to apply liquid or dry formulations of larvicidal agents on ponds and other large bodies of water to eliminate the aquatic stages of the mosquito. Quick adjustable padded shoulder straps and backrest for maximum operator comfort.

Recently, the possibility that a mosquito bite during pregnancy could be linked to severe birth defects in newborns has alarmed the public and astonished scientists.

There is no vaccine or medicine for Zika.  The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends population-wide measures for mosquito control as the best immediate line of defense.

Although fogging to kill adult mosquitoes provides the most visible evidence that a government is taking action, WHO stresses that the
elimination of mosquito breeding sites is an effective intervention for protecting populations. Additionally, a vigorous spraying program will reduce mosquito populations. Read on for more information on recommended spray programs.

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