H.D. Hudson Sprayers Universal Maintenance Kit
Hudson Universal Maintenance Kit #6972

H.D. Hudson Sprayers Universal Maintenance Kit

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H.D. Hudson® Sprayers Universal Maintenance Kit

Parts Kit #6972

One Kit Repairs over 90% of H.D. Hudson Sprayers with Genuine Sprayer Service Parts

  • Simplify your parts kit offering – one kit repairs over 90% of all Hudson® sprayers
  • Contains most necessary parts to rebuild the majority of both metal and poly sprayers.
  • In most cases, kit will upgrade existing components on customer’s sprayer
  • Contains Viton® O-Rings, TOV™, Pic-A-Pattern™ Fan/Cone nozzle, and more.
This is not a repair kit for the Hudson Valves - Click Here to See a List of Hudson Valve Products

Compatible with the following sprayers:

Model No.Description
20011Multi-Purpose™ Poly
20011APMulti-Purpose Envirox® 1G
20011PCPest Control Sprayer 1G
20012Multi-Purpose™ Poly 2G
20012BDBestech® Sprayer 2G
20012BTBeta Tech® Sprayer 2G
20012DEDelta Foremos®t 2G
20012DFDelta Foremost® 2G
20013Multi-Purpose™ Poly
20141Green Garde® Ecology
20191Farm & Garden™ 1G
20192Farm & Garden™ 2G
20193Farm & Garden™ 3G
23431Plymouth Garden® Sprayer
23431ZZamzows® Sprayer
23432Plymouth Garden® 2G
23433Plymouth Garden® 3G
23531Proven® Professional 1G
23532Proven® Professional 2G
23533Proven® Professional 3G
131384Green Thumb® Lawn & Garden 1G
131385Green Thumb® Lawn & Garden 2G
30191Favorite® Sprayer
30192Favorite® Sprayer
30193Favorite® Sprayer
60126Handy™ Eliminator™ .5 gallon
60131Eliminator™ 1G
60132Eliminator™ 2G
60132SPSlick® Products 1G
60131DTDiversitech® 1G
60132DTDiversitech® 2G
60133DTDiversitech® 3G
60136Rose & Garden™
60151Weed 'n Bug™ Eliminator™
60152Weed 'n Bug™ Eliminator™
60153Weed 'n Bug™ Eliminator™
60152DBEliminator™ Emboss 2G
60161Eliminator Plus™
60162Eliminator Plus™
60181Leader® Poly
60182Leader® Poly
60183Leader® Poly
60182DFDelta Foremost 2G
62061Bugwiser® Galv 1G
62062Bugwiser® Galv 2G
62063Bugwiser® Galv 3G
62192Back Reliever™
65221Bugwiser® Poly 1G
65222Bugwiser® Poly 2G
65223Bugwiser® Poly 3G
66191Yard & Garden™ / Deck & Fence™
66192Yard & Garden™ / Deck & Fence™
66193Yard & Garden™ / Deck & Fence™
67131Ortho® Spray Sense® 1 Gal
67132Ortho® Spray Sense® 2 Gal
67215Bugwiser® Stainless Steel 1G
67220Bugwiser® Stainless Steel 2G
67881Deck & Fence™ Poly
67882Deck & Fence™ Poly
67883Deck Sprayer 2.5G
67883EEmery Waterhouse Deck 2.5G
67932Weed Sprayer 2G
67981Quick 'n Easy™ Poly 1G
67991Deck & Fence™ Poly 1G
67992Deck & Fence™ Poly 2G
67992WWoodsman® Deck Sprayer 2G
91134Industro® Poly Water Supply Tank
60151TPTwin Pack Weed 'N Bug™ Eliminator
60182TPEliminator™ Twin Pack
60182PAll-Season Twin Pack
77131Spray Smart™ 1G
77132Spray Smart™ 2G
90011Bleach Solutions™ Poly 1G
90181SPSpeckoz® Poly 1G
96302EComando® 2G
96303EComando® 3G

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