HFX SS Grower-Finisher Drinker
HFX2000 Grower-Finisher Drinker Nipple

HFX SS Grower-Finisher Drinker

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HFX2000 Grower-Finisher Drinker
Premium Stainless Steel Hog Hydration 

Introducing the HFX2000 Grower-Finisher Drinker, another drinker in the premium HFX series of nipple waterers designed to provide top-quality hydration for hogs of all sizes, from piglets to sows. Crafted from 300 series stainless steel to resist corrosion, these drinkers have been thoughtfully redesigned to deliver a gentler flow of water, ensuring optimal hydration. 

Key Features: 
  • 1/2" Thread for easy installation 
  • Hex Body for durability and stability 
  • Adjustable flow rate ranging from 1.7 to 4.7 liters per minute (0.45 to 1.24 gallons per minute) 

Upgrade your hog hydration system with the HFX2000 Grower-Finisher Drinker by HogFlo, a reliable and efficient choice for hog farmers and livestock owners.

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