.054 x .969 SS Hair Pin Cotter
SS Hair Pin Cotter

.054 x .969 SS Hair Pin Cotter

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Hair Pin Cotters (or “R Clips”) are a spring-type cotter made to be reusable. Hair Pin Cotters are generally meant to be used in through-holes while Hair Pin Clips are generally meant to be used on a groove.

Designed to be strong and secure, these fasteners are economical and widely used. It is important to select the correct size Hair Pins Cotter because misuse causes fatigue and will result in loss of the fastener.

Made from hard drawn MB spring wire, zinc plated and baked or Stainless Steel (300 Series).

Type: Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter [in]: 0.054
Use on Shaft Size [in]: 3/16 to 1/4
Overall Length [in]: .969
WW Number Wire Diameter: 223
Approx. Weightper 100 Pieces: 0.14 lbs
Material: Stainless Steel

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