Hudson Valve Continuous Flow Disc
Hudson Valve Continuous Flow Disc

Hudson Valve Continuous Flow Disc

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Hudson Valve Continuous Flow Disc

Install this Continuous Flow Disc into your 1" Hudson Valve to allow a slow trickle of water to flow through the valve to help prevent freezing. It is only needed during the freezing season. When installed it will allow the valve to overflow the tank, so an overflow tank is often used in conjunction with it. The amount of water that the disc will allow through depends on individual water pressure. If you have low water pressure and you need it to let more water through, you can use a file to make the slits larger.

For 1" Hudson Valves Only

To install:
  • Remove the cap from the body of valve
  • Slide the continuous flow disc onto diaphragm stem, flat side down
  • Replace cap

NOT for 1/2" Valves

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