Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter
Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter

Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter

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Hunting & Fishing Activity Meter
w/ Weather Forecaster

Don't miss out on favorable weather and wildlife conditions. AcuRite's Hunting & Fishing Activity Meter predicts wildlife activity levels by combining weather observations with lunar positioning data. AcuRite's patented Self-Calibrating Technology provides your personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions. Self-Calibrating Forecasting is generated from weather data measured by a sensor you place outside - giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location.

The bold, easy to read LCD screen also includes outdoor temperature with daily and monthly high/low information, barometric pressure history, moon phase, and Intelli-Time clock and calendar. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. Display stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable.

Digital Display Features

Hunting & fishing activity meter measures optimal conditions for wildlife activity
12 to 24 hour weather forecast
Patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting pulls data from a sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate forecast for your exact location
Outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC)
Daily & monthly high / low temperatures
Barometric pressure history chart
Intelli-Time clock & calendar (month/day)
Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Moon phase
Tabletop or wall-mountable design
Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength

Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Measures temperature
  • Wireless range up to 165 feet (50 meters)
  • Transmits data every 30 seconds
  • Durable, all-weather construction - perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy installation includes integrated hanger

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