Hurricane Ultra II Fogger
Hurricane Ultra II Fogger #2794

Hurricane Ultra II Fogger

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Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra II Fogger Model #2794
Electric Portable Aerosol Applicator

The Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra II Fogger Model #2794 - your ultimate solution for effective aerosol particle chemical treatment. This electric portable aerosol applicator is designed to dispense both oil and water-based products, including disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides, and insecticides.

With its adjustable output of 0-4.5 gallons per hour, the Hurricane Ultra II Fogger provides versatility and power. Whether you need to treat large industrial areas or small residential spaces, this unit can handle the job with ease. It's the perfect tool for farms, greenhouses, warehouses, animal care facilities, sanitation, germicidal spraying, and disease control programs.

Equipped with a 1-gallon tank capacity, the Hurricane Ultra II ensures extended operation without frequent refills. Its 110-volt power source ensures compatibility with standard electrical outlets for convenient and reliable performance.

This fogger is not limited to a single application. It caters to various spraying needs, including insecticides, disinfectants, deodorizers, fungicides, odor neutralizers, water (humidification), germicides, and even poultry vaccines. Whatever your specific requirements may be, the Hurricane Ultra II Fogger is ready to deliver exceptional results.

To meet different treatment objectives, the adjustable flow rates allow precise control over the dispensing volume, ranging from 0 to 4.5 gallons per hour or 0 to 17 liters per hour. The particle size of 5.50 microns (VMD) ensures effective distribution and coverage for optimal results.

The Hurricane Ultra II Fogger combines power and convenience in a compact design. It measures 12 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 14 inches in height, making it portable and easy to maneuver. With an empty weight of only 6.6 lbs (3 kg), it is lightweight and user-friendly.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra II Fogger Model #2794. Enhance your spraying capabilities and achieve outstanding results in industrial, residential, or agricultural settings. Invest in this reliable aerosol applicator for superior performance.


  • Adjustable flow rates: 0-4.5 gallons/hour, 0-17 liters/hour
  • Particle size: 5.50 microns (VMD)
  • Tank capacity: 1 gallon, 3.8 liters
  • Length: 12 in., 30.48 cm
  • Width: 12 in., 30.48 cm
  • Height: 14 in., 35.6 cm
  • Weight (empty): 6.6 lbs., 3 kg

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