Infra-Red Ray Halogen Reflector Lamp
BTB-BULB Infrared Halogen Reflector

Infra-Red Ray Halogen Reflector Lamp

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Infra-Red Ray Halogen Reflector Lamp

BTB-Farming infrared BTB-BULB is a specially designed high quality heat lamp that Absorbs maximum visible rays to radiate infrared rays in mid or short wave. It is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel and is perfect for pig and chicken houses.

  • Adapters ensure easy use of lamps in traditional fixtures
  • Constructed from aluminum & stainless steel
  • Shock resistant & water resistant
  • Bulbs sold separately and can be replaced

This is for the Heat Lamp Reflector Only.  Halogen Bulbs can be purchased Here:

175 Watt Halogen Infrared Bulb

250 Watt Halogen Infrared Bulb

Bulbs NOT included

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