Nectus Soft Bait 2G
J.T. Eaton Nectus Soft Bait 2G

Nectus Soft Bait 2G

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J.T. Eaton Nectus Soft Bait™ 2G

2nd Generation Rodenticide

NECTUS™ 2G Soft Bait is more palatable than food mixtures in food warehouses and in stables. This bait is especially suited for places where a lot of food is available. Oil scented compounds help maintain the moist highly palatable bait for longer periods of time. Great for rodents that are reluctant to take other baits. Effective and fast rodent control for indoor and outdoor applications. The active ingredient Bromadialone is an anticoagulant that has immediate results. Can be used as a clean-up or maintenance bait and is deadly even against warfarin resistant rodents.

  • Bromadialone
  • Bitrex® Protection
  • Clean-Up or Maintenance Bait
  • .38 oz Bag (16 lbs Pail)
  • 3-5 Days to Death
  • Medium Risk of Secondary Poisoning

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