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JWI-1200 Gravity Wall Air Inlet

JWI Wall Inlets

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Experience Unbeatable Cold Weather Performance with JWI Wall Air Inlets

Meet the JWI-1200 and JWI-2400, your ultimate solution for maintaining ideal barn conditions, even in the harshest cold weather. These premium JWI Wall Air Inlets, manufactured in Canada, are designed to deliver the fresh air your livestock need.

Key Features:

Efficient Fresh Air Delivery: Operating on negative pressure, these inlets effortlessly pull back a frictionless styrofoam baffle to provide your barn with direct access to crisp, invigorating fresh air.

Adaptive Ventilation: When your barn needs an extra infusion of fresh air, the JWI-1200 and JWI-2400 Inlets open wide. Their intelligent design automatically adjusts the airflow to safeguard your animals during cooler periods, ensuring their well-being.

Customizable Air Distribution: The insulated hinged cover is your gateway to precise climate control. Whether you want to seal it tight in frigid temperatures or fine-tune it for optimized air distribution, the choice is yours.

Fine Control with Counterweight: The counterweight system grants you precise control, allowing you to tailor the ventilation to your barn's specific needs.

Choose JWI Wall Air Inlets for top-notch barn ventilation solutions that prioritize your animals' comfort and well-being, even when the mercury drops.

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