6 Hole Double Sided Poly Nursery Feeder
Kane DPNF-36 Nursery Feeder

6 Hole Double Sided Poly Nursery Feeder

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Kane Double Sided Nursery Feeder DPNF-36
6 Hole Per Side

Kane nursery feeders are made of high-density, durable polyethylene with 304 stainless steel grills. These feeders are designed to feed three pigs per hole from weaning up to 60 lbs./27 kg. Install feeders into fencing and use as a gate or mount directly to the fence or wall. The feed-flow panel is ridged but pliable and works with the pig's natural tendency to agitate. The panel is easily adjusted with oversized knobs conveniently located at the top of the feeder. This design allows you to keep the panel low to maximize feed consumption and minimize waste. Our solid, non-porous surface is easy to clean reducing the presence of bacteria and significantly cutting costs associated with cleaning and maintenance.

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