Ketch-All Mouse Trap
Ketch-All Mouse Trap

Ketch-All Mouse Trap

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Ketch-All Automatic Mousetrap
"World's Best Mousetrap"

The design and performance of the KETCH-ALL has earned it the title of "The World's Best Mousetrap." The KETCH-ALL operates without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. It is efficient, often capturing several mice in one setting, with a clear lid to see when to empty. The KETCH-ALL has been winning the war against rodents since 1924. It works 24 hours a day, every day of the year. By following simple operating procedures, your KETCH-ALL will provide years of proven, practical performance.

Features Advantage Benefits
Multiple catch Trap catches mice 24 hours a day. Catches multiple mice in one setting. Trap does not have to be reset after each catch.
Unique design No harmful chemicals, baits or poisons. Appeals to mouse's harbourage instincts. Safe to use around children and pets. Environmentally safe.
Durable galvanized steel housing Quality construction. Years of preventative pest protection. Easy to clean.
Sanitary disposal  Simply slide lid back and dispose of mice at your discretion. Minimal contact with trap and mice.
Tested and proven since 1924
One year warranty for parts and labor when used as directed. Reliable, trustworthy and dependable.

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