Baby Pig Body Tattooer
Baby Pig Body Tattooer

Baby Pig Body Tattooer

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Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooer

The Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooer has been scientifically designed to leave a permanent tattoo mark on the body of young swine. With this instrument, a baby pig, 2 to 5 weeks of age, can be tattooed on the shoulder. Within a few days, a tattoo imprint becomes visible that will last and grow for the life of the animal.

Our tattoer will accommodate up to a maximum of 6 characters which are 6mm (1/4") in height. The needles are 9mm (5/16") in length and have been extensively tested so that they will easily penetrate the skin of a baby pig. The 15cm (6") handle is constructed of aluminum and is designed to provide maximum girp for quality results every time.

We strongly recommend that you use Ketchum tattoo ink for best results.

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