Model 101 Ear Tattooer Pliers Only
Model 101 Ear Tattooer Pliers Only

Model 101 Ear Tattooer Pliers Only

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Ketchum Ear Tattoo Equipment
Model 101

Tattooing is permanent, cost-effective identification. Ketchum permanent, antiseptic tattoo ink is spread on the area to be tattooed. Number, letter, or custom designed tattoo dies iserted into the tattooer make small punctures in the skin. Ketchum tattoo ink is rubbed into the puncture. The skin soon closes over the punctures, capturing the ink. The tattoo enlarges as the animal grows. All Ketchum tattooers feature the Lock-Bar method of character retention for fast, easy exchange of individual characters. No screws to undo. Characters stay in place when lock bar is open

Model 101 Tattooers are designed specifically for newborn pigs. Used on piglets 4 to 21 days old. Characters are 1/4" tall

Enough spaces for 7 Characters

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