Model 50D Ear Tattooer Plier Only
Model 50D Ear Tattooer Plier Only

Model 50D Ear Tattooer Plier Only

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Ketchum Model 50D Ear Tattoo Equipment

Introducing the Ketchum Model 50D Ear Tattoo Equipment – your reliable and cost-effective solution for permanent identification of newborn pigs.

Key Features:

  • Permanent Identification: Tattooing is a permanent and efficient way to identify newborn pigs. Ketchum's antiseptic tattoo ink ensures safety and longevity.

  • Customizable Dies: Choose from number, letter, or custom-designed tattoo dies to create unique identification marks for your piglets.

  • Lock-Bar Method: All Ketchum tattooers feature the Lock-Bar method, which enables fast and easy character exchange without the need for screws. Characters stay securely in place when the lock bar is open.

  • Ideal for Newborns: Model 50D Tattooers are specifically designed for newborn pigs, typically used on piglets from birth to 3 days old. The characters are 3/16" tall.

  • 7 Character Spaces: The equipment provides enough spaces for up to 7 characters, allowing you to create precise identification marks.

Ensure permanent and efficient identification for your newborn piglets with the Ketchum Model 50D Ear Tattoo Equipment. With customizable dies and the Lock-Bar method, it's a reliable choice for pig farmers. Order yours today to enhance your identification process.

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