Lasco 1/2
Lasco 1/2' MPT Plug

Lasco 1/2" MPT Plug

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Lasco 1/2" MPT Schedule 40 Plug

Schedule 40 PVC Plug with a 1/2" MPT fitting

  • ASTM D-1784: Rigid poly vinyl chloride (PVC) compounds and chlorinated poly vinyl chloride (CPVC) compounds
  • ASTM F-1970: Standard specification for special engineered fittings, appurtenances or valves for use in poly vinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated poly vinyl chloride (CPVC) systems
  • Lasco® SCH 40 fittings are produced from PVC type 1, cell classification 12454-B
  • NSF/ANSI standard 61, Annex G: Drinking water system components Weighted average lead content of less than or equal to 0.25% and is in compliance with California's Health and safety code Section 116875 (commonly known as AB 1953)
  • Not to be used in the hot or cold water distribution system in a dwelling maximum service temperature 140 deg F
  • Do not use Lasco® fittings for compressed air or gases
  • Do not test PVC piping systems with compressed air or gases
  • Do not use fittings with liquids not recommended by Lasco®
  • Fitting modification voids the warranty

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